The Dawson’s Market Experience

Tiny Chefs classes at Dawson's Market
Our Tiny Chefs are having fun while learning at Dawson’s Market!

Tiny Chefs is happy to announce a unique partnership with Dawson’s Market of Rockville Town Square. We have teamed up with this all-natural grocer to bring Tiny Chefs classes right into the market place. The students take away a variety of lessons from team building, to money budgeting, to cooking skills that they are sure to carry along with them for life.

 What makes this program one of a kind is the way our Tiny Chefs have been introduced into the process of cooking- from store to table.

Shop the Market

Yes, our students are shopping the market! Working as a team, the students get the full “Dawson’s Experience” by setting a budget based on the recipe that they have been assigned for the day, picking up a basket and gathering all of the fresh ingredients they will need. Each group of students is encouraged to think of a “secret ingredient” they want to incorporate into their recipe as well; whether it’s adding a spice or chocolate chips to a piecrust, we challenge our students to think outside of the box and encourage them to be as creative as possible. We find that even our pickiest eaters enjoy the fruits of their own labor, and are more willing to try different foods if they have had their hand in the process.

“Dawson’s Dollars”

The students are given a set amount of “Dawson’s Dollars” and with that budget in mind, they can start putting their math skills to the test, making sure that all the necessary ingredients are within budget. Once they have completed their shopping, they head to the cashier and checkout, where they will find out if they have achieved their goal!

Professional Kitchens

But the fun is only just beginning! After checking out and with all ingredients in hand, we head back to the kitchen, where students are in awe of Dawson’s professional-grade equipment and supplies. Here, Tiny Chefs will get to work on the recipe and learn proper measuring techniques, mixing, various forms of knife cutting skills, and much more in each and every class. At the end, each student gets to taste their hard work, or share their masterpiece with their family members at the end of class.

Birthday Parties

You can now host a birthday party at Dawson’s Market! We have several party theme packages to choose from and once students are done preparing their food, they will be able to enjoy their meal in the Dawson’s dining area.

We are excited to have two upcoming classes on the calendar for April with Dawson’s Market:

“Spring Cupcake Decorating” on April 22nd from 9am-12pm, Ages: 5-8 and from 1pm-4pm, Ages 9-13. $60 per student

“Baked Brunch” on April 27th from 11am-12: 30pm, Ages 5-8 ($40 per student) and from 1pm-3pm, Ages 9-13 ($50 per student)

For more information and registration please visit our website at: We hope to see you there! Bon appetit!