Teen Chefs Cooking Program

Teen (And Pre-Teen) Chefs is great for older kids, 6th grade and above who can work independently.

All of our parties, camps and online "Zoom" virtual cooking enrichment classes are available for our Teen Chefs.

Classes are completely interactive. Kids work hands-on to cook delicious dishes at home!

In addition to essential cooking skills like chopping, grilling, and sautéing, Teen Chefs learn skills that will stay with them for years. All classes cover topics like organizational skills, basic math skills (as they learn to double or half ingredient measurements) and reading comprehension (as they learn to work from a recipe).


Our new Teen Chefs Club is an online cooking club. Gain access to all of our virtual themed cooking courses, each containing 10 recipes, activities and videos. We release a new course each month, providing hours of enriching and fun entertainment.

Join with friends and follow the recipes online together, share photos and comments in our private membership Facebook group, all while preparing healthy meals for the family!

Over 50 exclusive lessons, recipes, and activities

New content added monthly

Private Facebook Group

Facebook Live Events

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Total $50 per month.

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$37.50 per month, paid annually.


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