Super Parent

Hi. Anna here with Tiny Chefs. I am here to talk to you today about being a super mom or a super dad or a super parent.

You are one of these things. If you were watching our videos, you are probably one of these people or a super nanny, perhaps. You can be a lot of different things, a super grandma, a super parent.

Anyway, there’s a lot that goes behind the word super. And I want to explore that with you today because you were an amazing person. We are in a pandemic right now as this is being taped. It is the summer of the pandemic, as a matter of fact. So you’ve had quite a few months of living in quarantine, having to deal with everything that comes with that, and it’s been a little trying. I’m not going to lie on my end, so I’m sure it’s been trying on your end also.

So let me just kind of break down all the different things that you’re doing so that you can fully recognize how amazing of a person you really are. So you are a parent, number one, but you were also a human being with your own needs, your own life, your own journey in addition to being a parent. And now it’s a little bit more challenging because you’re needing to parent simultaneously with everything else that’s going on. So if you were a working mom or a working dad and you were outside of the home, well, now you’re most likely juggling that responsibility of working inside your home while your kids are literally in the same room with you running around, trying to figure out how to keep them occupied and keep yourself focused on your work and doing the best that you can that you’ve said that you’re going to deliver to your job.

So there’s work and bringing money into your home. There’s communication with your spouse. Being able to set time aside with them, right? There’s having fun with your kids having quality time, whether it’s you’re on the trampoline with them for a little bit in the daytime during a break, or you’re cooking breakfast with them, or you’re reading a story to them, watching a movie, or just playing a game with them, playing an outdoor sport or a board game or something like that. There’s your house duties. Maybe you have someone who comes in and deep cleans for you, or maybe you’re doing that yourself, but there’s always things to be put away. There’s always dishwashers to unload and all of the things that go with keeping a house tidy and neat, making the beds.

I don’t know if you’ve had your kids pick up some of the duties on their end. I know that I have around here. I’m one person. I can’t do everything. Do you have your kids in camp? Are they doing any …? Sometimes some of the kids in the areas around where I live in, they can go to a camp and some kids are doing it virtually. So are you juggling the logistics of getting them to camp or setting them up on their Zooms? All of these things to be taken into account of what makes you super, super mom, super dad, super parent.

There’s your fitness. Are you working out? I work out daily and my kids know that that’s just what I do. It’s just part of what I do. So they know just not to be in my hair about that. My dog, on the other hand, my puppy is literally under my feet when I’m doing it. She hasn’t gotten the memo that I need that time.

Social life. Are you connecting with your friends or able to have some meetups now? Are you able to do that with your friends? Or are you keeping with them, just chatting with them? Alone time. Are you reading? Are you having your own alone time? So these are all the things that are going on in our lives right now. It’s a crazy time, but it’s also, I want to admire you for being a superpower parent.