Teen Chefs Cooking Program

Teen (And Pre-Teen) Chefs is marketed to our older kids, 6th grade and above who want more from our classes then "tiny" cooking tasks. Teen Chefs do a lot more of the food prep and our classes and parties are even more hands-on.

All of our parties, classes, camps and enrichment courses are available for our Teen Chefs at the same pricing!

Teen Chefs offers single session and series cooking classes at locations around DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Classes are completely interactive. Kids work hands-on to cook delicious dishes, decorate chefs hats and placemats, and leave with printed copies of the recipes to recreate at home!

In addition to essential cooking skills like chopping, grilling, and sautéing, our instructors work with your Teen Chefs to teach them skills that will stay with them for years. All classes and parties cover topics like organizational skills, learning to work as a team, cooperation, and taking turns. Events also touch on basic math skills (as they learn to double or half ingredient measurements) and reading comprehension (as they learn to work from a recipe).