The POWER of GREEN In Nutrition. It’s More Than Each Your Spinach!

Hi, I’m Anna with Tiny Chefs. We are working our way through the rainbow and today we are talking about green fruits and vegetables.

Now green vegetables are one of my favorites. There are so many to choose from and you can see that we have tons here on our little tray. So one of my favorites is called kale and this comes in a couple of different forms; alligator kale, curly kale. So when you’re cooking with it, you want to chop this big thick stem off of it and you can make kale chips with it. You could put it in your smoothies. You can saute it and put it into your stir frys or anything you really want to. So vitamins A, C, and K are in this kale here.

This is another bell pepper. You can see that it’s a little deformed, but that’s OK. I like it anyway. They’re still yummy. Love me a green pepper to go with stir frys, to make into a sauce. Stuffed peppers you can make with, with these here. A lot of antioxidants to protect your vision. So we’ve got green peppers.

This is some big lettuce and you can see that it still has the stem on it, right from the ground. So light texture, light leaves. You can put this into mainly a salad. You can eat it on sandwiches, obviously. Delicious. You grow these right in your house, my guinea pigs love these. This is what I feed my baby pigs every single day. A lot of calcium here, vitamin C, iron, which produces to, if you have a lot of iron, it gives you a lot of energy. So you want to eat a lot of lettuce. Doesn’t fill you up that much but if you put other vegetables on top of it, it certainly does.

So moving on to our peas. These are one form of a pea, a sugar pea, and I love to eat this just whole as they are. I dip them. They are popular in Chinese food. You can put them in stir frys. You can steam them. These are good for getting your A and your C. They have sapiens in them, which turn to antioxidants, actually. So good for you vegetables here.

Moving onto a cucumber. Also, a popular little vegetable to grow in your own garden and this can be good for hydration, good for your skin, cancer-fighting. You can put these on your eyes to take out the puffiness. Rejuvenating all the way around. Filled with lots of water, put it in your smoothies, put it in your ice water to make a tastier. Delicious.

Broccoli, another one of my favorites. I love to steam this up. Sometimes I saute it or I bake it and put a little bit of garlic and little salt pepper on it. Or you can just have it raw in your salads. So, there’s broccoli here.

My girls, I’ve got one Sophia, who only likes to eat the top of the broccoli off. Doesn’t want to eat the stem. Wants nothing to do with it but you can eat this stem.

So we’ve got our zucchini next, loaded with potassium and vitamin C. Love to make zucchini bread out of this or veggie lasagna. Strengthens your vision, is good for weight loss.

Then we’ve got two fruits here. We’ve got our pear. So with pears, you can eat them as is or snack on the go. Or you can make a little sweet treat with this. You can dip them in chocolate. You can put them inside of a tart, something like that.

Limes. This is a citrus used in some dressings. You can use this, it fights infection because it’s a citrus. Good for digestion, hydrates you.

So these are green fruits and vegetables, all from a garden or a tree and I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how to use these and incorporate them more into your life.