Potatoes and Cauliflower In your kids diet is FANTASTIC

Hi, this is Anna with Tiny Chefs. We are working our way through the rainbow, talking about fruits and vegetables from every color.

And I decided since we have so many white good options for vegetables that I wanted to include that in these talks here. We are going to start with my favorite food in the entire world ever since I was a little girl, the potato. Now, this is a russet potato that I’m holding. Potatoes are very versatile. There are different types of potatoes. Yukon potato. You can have new potatoes, red potatoes. They all serve a different purpose. They all taste yummy, very starchy, and potatoey. But if you want to make mashed potatoes, this is the potato that you want to use, okay? If you wanted to make something a little bit lighter, like a scalloped potato, you’d want to use something like a Yukon potato, a little bit more buttery in flavor.

So, there are different uses for different potatoes. Nothing’s wrong if you were to use a Yukon for mashed potato. It still works out. It just turns out a little bit different. So very starchy, like I said. Gluten-free though which is really big for those of us who have celiac or can’t have gluten or are a little bit intolerant. So, grown in the ground, these potatoes are very inexpensive, what a great white vegetable. As with all of our fruits and vegetables, if you eat this with the peel on, you’re getting even more nutrients. If you have kids, and they don’t like the peel, then you can peel it off. Sometimes mashed potatoes have the peel left on. They’re called smashed potatoes, and they’re super good. So a lot of fiber in here, B6, vitamin C.

Okay, next is another cruciferous vegetable called cauliflower. And I left it in its form here with the stem still on so that you can see what it looks like when it grows up from the ground. But when you are going to cut it, you’re going to peel these off and just get your knife right in there and pull these pieces right off. Cauliflower, such a delicious vegetable that you can eat in so many different ways. One of the popular things that they’re doing nowadays is making riced cauliflower. So, instead of the starchy potato that has a lot of calories, you can lighten it up by using cauliflower and make it into a riced cauliflower. So good. If you’ve ever had cauliflower soup, so delicious. You can steam these. You can eat them raw. So good with dips. Cauliflower is such a delicious, delicious option for a white vegetable.

Let’s see this is our garlic. Now, I left it in its whole form. This is a bulb of garlic, okay? If you wanted to, you could put this right in the oven. If you were to roast some garlic, oh my gosh, not only does it make your house smell amazing, but if you’ve ever tasted roasted garlic… I just eat it. I put it right in my mouth and eat it. If you want to break into this guy, to actually take out the different cloves, this is what the cloves look like. This bulb of garlic is full of all these little bitty cloves in here. Sometimes in the store, you can buy it already chopped up, already minced, and they put it right in a container right for you.

Sometimes what I do to cheat a little bit, I don’t buy the stuff that’s already minced, but I do buy the peeled garlic. You can pay a little extra to have a bag of peeled garlic, so you don’t have to mess with the peel every single time you’re going to use garlic. This is one of my favorite, favorite flavors. When I’m cooking, it goes in almost everything. And I always double it so if it says one teaspoon I’m always using two. Anyway, these are some white vegetables that you can use in your cooking. I hope you have a delicious time experiencing these.