Anna Reeves

Business Management and Development & Mindset Curriculum Development

Anna was inspired to create Tiny Chefs by combining her experience teaching young children with her passion for cooking and baking. Tiny Chef's cooking classes and birthday parties support Anna's philosophy that children deserve the opportunity to explore food, nutrition, and cooking at their individual pace of learning. As a child, Anna grew up baking with her mother, trying out new recipes for friends and family. Anna continues to develop her skills through various cooking and baking classes, and cooks with her three daughters.

Anna Reeves has been included in the Franchise Dictionary Magazine's 50 Women of Wonder (WoW) 2020 Issue!

Our inspiration…
Everywhere you turn, whether it is the news, the media, or in conversations between parents, there is a renewed interest to be back in the kitchen making healthy and creative meals for family and friends. Kids want to be a part of this, and we make it fun while teaching them valuable life skills that will serve them as they grow, mature and become more confident in their skills.