Next Steps for Tiny Chefs

Anna Reeves, Founder of Tiny Chefs
Anna Reeves, founder of Tiny Chefs

I equate my life over the past 14 years to the life of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. Life experiences change us little by little without us even noticing. Who I am now as 2019 comes to a close and 2020 opens up is a different version of who I was in 2006 when I began Tiny Chefs. I’ve expanded in mind, body, and spirit in countless ways. I’m a huge believer that the universe reveals to us what we need to know to advance us in the next phase of our lives at precisely the exact time for our growth and development. 

My journey throughout the Tiny Chefs timeline includes the birth of Tiny Chefs in 2006 within the walls of my kindergarten classroom. I spent several days a week leading cooking classes with my present and previous student in grades k-2.  I incorporated the idea in 2007 to become Tiny Chefs, Inc. By the fall of 2007, we were offering at-home birthday parties and our after-school enrichment activities in local private schools. This parlayed into summer camp offerings at premier summer camps in the DC Metro. 

As Tiny Chefs grew, so did my family.  By 2012 I had myself three little girls and Tiny Chefs had its first Director of Operations. My years spent as a nanny, teacher, and tutor had paved my way for this next phase of Mom and Business owner. My passion for teaching kids at the elementary level lead me to teaching kids to cook inside my classroom and in homes. I was connecting with youth to create meals in their own homes, inspiring parents to allow their kids to recreate those meals together. I was experiencing joy with families during home birthday parties, putting fears to rest as my team and I executed with ease. Our after-school enrichment classes were new to the scene and expanding throughout the DC Metro area. I was finding so much joy through meshing my two passions of cooking and working with kids. What I didn’t realize at the time was how my two passions were creating an enterprise that would later evolve into Franchise opportunities nationwide!

Tiny Chefs Enrichment cooking Classes for Kids
The early days of Tiny Chefs, 2007

Fast-forwarding to the present moment, I take great pride in reflecting on all that I have learned as CEO of Tiny Chefs. I learned that creating a team of skilled professionals in the field of marketing, sales, bookkeeping, accounting, and web design goes a long way. Our internal administrative team has honed skills to include managing staff, HR, recruitment, curriculum, and social media promotion. Our underlying goal as a community is to create a working environment conducive to joy, happiness, and personal and professional growth. My personal growth includes beginning this journey not knowing one single thing about running a business to grossing over 1 Million at the close of 2019. Tiny Chefs will be ready to sell our first franchise in the start of 2020!!!! 

Tiny Chefs Franchise Opportunity
Tiny Chefs Franchise Opportunity

In 2020 I take great pride in sharing our company with potentially hundreds of new franchisees, furthering our reach to families, kids, and communities nationwide. We strive to empower franchise owners to lead their communities, to teach our core values to empower, nourish, and challenge kids to not only explore food, nutrition, and cooking but to tap into a greater sense of self-awareness and how they relate to their classmates and teachers.

Happy New Year and peace be with you!!