My Dad Was SO Boring!

Are you bored of the same old activities that you’re doing with your kids?

When I was a child and I spent the day with my dad, we would do the same old things.

We would go to the park, we would go to the movies, we would play board games together, or we would go to eat. There was a rotation of those activities that we would do together when I was with him on a Sunday or on an evening night.

Wouldn’t it have been fun if we could have cooked together in our home?

Now, my dad is Italian, and while I’m not sure that he cooked at the time, he may have known some Italian recipes that were handed down and it would have been great to do that with him. We would have gotten some ingredients together.

We would have spent some time together reading through the recipe. We would have fashioned a dessert or a meal and sat down and ate it together.

I think cooking serves as a platform for bonding between child and parent and every opportunity you could be making something short and sweet with your children.