Do you find yourself having breakdowns at home with your kids around?

When I was young, my mom used to have a daily breakdown about 4:00 PM. My brother and sister and I, would hear lots of screaming to herself or at us, pots and pans would be flying.

Again, we could be in the way, but we knew to run and take cover. What we didn’t know is what was happening, what we had done to create this. My little brother and sister were too little to really understand and talk about it. I just disregarded it, chalked it up as, “She’s crazy.”

What I now understand is that, she was feeling exhausted and depleted. After being a stay at home mom all day long, with little ones, that’s a tough job and I get that.

I used to go into the kitchen and cook by myself. I would bake. But what I’m thinking is that, what if we could have cooked together? I know that could be an extra stressor sometimes, but it could also be a way to alleviate stress and bring us together.

Instead of my mom having to carry the weight of cooking dinner for everybody and dessert, and she was a good cook. But instead of her having to do that all on her own, we could have been participants. We could have felt really good and connected with her on a different level, other than being afraid of her.

Now I know we all have breakdowns and we all have situations and moments that we’re not proud of. I’m not here to embarrass anybody, but I am here to say that cooking can be a way to bring people together. I stand behind that.