One of the habits I’ve implemented throughout my past year is my meditation practice.

I set aside five to fifteen minutes every morning to reset myself. I listen to Gabrielle Bernstein meditations and I use my Omvana app through Mindvalley.

Meditation helps me stay more conscious and self-aware throughout my day. And there was a time when I wasn’t even… This wasn’t the case. And I wasn’t even aware of it. I mean, I knew that I was not in sync with myself and something felt off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I let stress dictate how I acted and reacted to everyone in my life and I can trace this all the way back to the third grade, when I would get stress headaches and see spots in my eyes. Had I known through my life and all the way back then when I was a little girl that I could have just implemented a daily habit of five to ten minutes of meditation, I would’ve been figuring that out and doing that all the way back then. The self doubt, the worry, the pain, the suffering would’ve been less.

And I encourage you to find some time to do some meditation in the morning or in the middle of your day or even in the evening to help you have a more conscious awareness of how you’re a being in this world.