Let Your Children Plan Your Family Meals

Hi. I’m Anna Reeves, owner of Tiny Chefs. Now I’m here to talk to you today about meal planning with kids, meaning our program is designed to have your kids cooking for you, independent of you.

Yes, you can cook with them. And yes, you may have little, little guys, three, four, five, six, who need a little bit extra assistance. But our program is designed to have kids want to be able to do things on their own and for our instructor to be teaching them on our platform and guiding them through each step-by-step. But before you get to that point, there are things that need to get done, that we would love to help teach you to teach your child to do. So the first things first, you would want to pick your menu, right? So your child would look through our repertoire of what we’re doing, our theme that week, and figure it out.

Or maybe they’re doing something on their own and they need to look through cookbooks or they need to look through recipes that they’ve collected, and be able to pick out, whittle down the choices, right? Being able to look through a cookbook, and then focus on one recipe. That’s the one I’m going to be making today. All of my energy goes into this recipe. Then there is making the grocery list. Okay. So comparing what’s on the grocery list to what I already have at home, to what I need to buy. How about then next to shopping? Are we going to order it online? And that’s a whole procedure of using the app and putting in your order, shopping through the aisles virtually as opposed to going to the grocery store and picking out the products one by one, by hand.

Then there is bringing everything back, unpacking it, cleaning all the produce properly. If you’re using herbs, you’re going to want to wash them, dry them and package them into Ziploc bags. If you’re using any type of produce, you’re going to want to clean it with a produce spray and wash it with water and have it all ready to go. Then you’re going to put the food storage away. So anything that belongs in cabinets, or in drawers, or in the refrigerator, or the freezer, you’re going to want to do this, too. But your child needs to be able to do this on their own. So if they’re younger than eight, they’re going to need some assistance. But the older the child gets and the more experience they have doing this, they’re going to want to do all the steps. And it makes them feel super confident to pick out the recipe, to order the groceries, to go shopping for the groceries, to come home, to clean it up, to put it away.

And then next would be creating the actual menu itself. Or I’m sorry, cooking the recipe itself. So you’re planning a meal, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes in from all the steps from A through Z. There’s organization. There’s timing it out. There’s the sequence of following the directions, scheduling it into their day. So there’s a lot of different components that go into just handling a recipe, to making this dish, lots of different things go into it. And we can teach your children that through our series, through figuring out what is the first step, what’s the second step, what’s the third step. So I just wanted to walk you through how we can empower our kids, how we can make them more confident, and turn them into very powerful kids who execute planning a meal.