Welcome, Tiny Chefs, to our very first virtual cooking experience! A new culinary adventure awaits you as we create Amazing Apple Cupcakes! We are so excited to go on this journey with you and expand our tastebuds!

Ms. Natasha:

Hey Tiny Chefs! I am Chef Natasha and I am so excited to be your Chef Instructor for the Apple Cupcakes. I love being able to use my creative side in my baking and I think it really shows in this series! I hope I can encourage you guys to get creative as well.

My true passion is working with kids. I am a full-time nanny and I love it! I especially enjoy getting them involved in the kitchen – it is fun for everybody (and helpful for me)! I also have a cat named Weezer!
So Tiny Chefs I can’t wait to start decorating with you. Let’s get piping!
-Ms. Natasha