Welcome, Tiny Chefs, to our newest virtual cooking experience theme, Cupcake Wars! We are so excited to experience these flavors with you – follow the next steps to get starting on making Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

And now let’s get to know Ms. Tara (Taco), who will be guiding you through the recipe!

Ms. Taco:

Hi Tiny Chefs! My name is Ms. Tara (aka Ms. Taco). I joined the Tiny Chefs family in 2016 as a chef instructor. My love for working with children, cooking, and background in nutrition made me the perfect fit for the team. I have a degree in music theater from Shenandoah Conservatory, so my upbeat and energetic personality is perfect to connect with our aspiring chefs! I have a 1-year old daughter and an adorable puppy named, Harper – who both enjoy sneaking some of mommy’s yummy food! Together with my daughter and I, love to cook and bake from scratch! When in my kitchen at home, I cook all my family meals from scratch, and my whole family’s favorite dish is roasted sweet potatoes!

When asked what makes me love teaching so much, I expressed, “my culinary journey started by learning from my mother’s extensive skills in the kitchen, and those experiences were always so important to me. I want to be able to share that same experience with my own child and my students too. These lessons go beyond just eating food. They are skills to last a lifetime, it’s a bonding experience, it’s a lesson in culture, and it’s shaping a good relationship with food. I want the honor of giving that experience to young aspiring chefs.

So Tiny Chefs, I cannot wait to dip into these recipes with you! Let’s get started!

– Ms. Taco