Happy Father’s Day

It’s all about Dad! Father’s Day is here, and making Dad’s all time favorite dish is always a favorite gift and activity for families. For many dads this means spending quality time with their very own Tiny Chefs in the kitchen, passing down dad’s special culinary knowledge and traditions.

Recently, we celebrated men’s health week with a focus on balancing healthy eating with busy schedules.  For moms and dads alike, it can be difficult to balance work life with preparing a healthy meal. When we meal prep with our children, moms and dads have the help of their Tiny Chefs to make a delicious and nutritious meals together for their family.

We asked some fathers in our Tiny Chefs community what tips they may have for making healthy meals with their families: “Meal prepping is key! Taking a few hours one day over the weekend to pre-chop vegetables makes all the difference during the week. When you go to cook the meal – half the work is already done!”

Another dad shared his thoughts about cooking with his kids, “it is rewarding to spend time with my children to learn and explore new foods and develop a healthy life skill. Tiny Chefs Dad Chris said, “having grown up almost exclusively on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, or microwaveable meals, my daughter is the perfect excuse to get creative and discover new foods and recipes.” Whether you are a dad that cooks all the time or still learning…that’s ok! Practice with your Tiny Chefs; working as a team to execute one of your favorite or a new recipes. So to all fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Cooking, and Bon Appétit!