Drive Thru Delights


  • Introduction
    • Welcome!
  • Getting Started
    • Kitchen Safety & Measuring Skills
    • Hand Washing
  • Panko Chicken Bites
    • Overview – Panko Chicken Bites
    • Video Instruction & Recipe – Panko Chicken Bites
    • Quiz – Panko Chicken Bites
    • Activities – Panko Chicken Bites
  • Nachos Supreme
    • Overview – Nachos Supreme
    • Video Instruction & Recipe – Nachos Supreme
    • Quiz – Nachos Supreme
    • Activities – Nachos Supreme
  • Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
    • Overview – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
    • Video Instruction & Recipe – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
    • Quiz – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
    • Activities – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
  • Fries Two Ways
    • Overview – Fries Two Ways
    • Video Instruction & Recipe – Fries Two Ways
    • Quiz – Fries Two Ways
    • Activities – Fries Two Ways
  • Burger & Shake
    • Overview – Burger & Shake
    • Video Instruction & Recipe – Burger & Shake
    • Quiz – Burger & Shake
    • Activities – Burger & Shake
  • Thank You 
    • Thank You & Goodbye
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Aprons on! Hands washed! We are ready to cook! In this online cooking class for Tiny & Teen Chefs, students will join our culinary instructor and learn how to make 5 different Drive Thru Delights, completely from scratch! Skip the drive through line or delivery fees and make your own temptations right at home! From Panko Chicken Bites to a Burger and Shake your Tiny or Teen Chef will learn how to make everyone’s favorite Drive Thru Delights!

Your Tiny or Teen Chef will be able to follow along in this online cooking class with a live video instruction (or pre-recorded video) of each recipe or print the recipe & shopping list to make at a later date! Their knowledge will be tested with a short quiz & fun activities after each video. While earning achievements along the way your child will learn cooking basics, along with how to take recipes to the next level!

Upon completion of the 5 recipes & lessons, your Tiny or Teen Chef will feel a sense of confidence in the kitchen with their certificate of completion and be open to trying a variety of new flavors!

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Ms. Tara Taco Ms. Tara Taco Instructor

Drive Thru Delights