Cooking Up Traditions

Parent and child cooking holiday recipeThe holidays conjure up warm and cozy nostalgic feelings. At the center of that nostalgia is food! And when the heart of the home is the kitchen, what better way to extend that love than through sharing the gift of cooking a traditional family dish. Sharing this family cuisine with your children can strengthen your family bond and spark intrigue into the history behind the dish for your little one. Let this holiday season be the one you dust off that enchanting box of recipe cards and even perhaps start a new cuisine tradition that will grace the table for years to come.

Right about now I bet you are conjuring up taste bud memories of your great grandmother’s famous Dutch Apple Pie, or Uncle Bob’s unmatchable green bean casserole. There is no better way to connect the generations of your family than to recreate these historical holiday dishes with your Tiny Chef in your very own kitchen. Let’s look at 3 ways we can introduce our kids to traditional family holiday dishes this season.

    1. Talking to your Tiny Chef about the history behind the traditional dish
      Being able to pass down the joy of cooking through that family recipe to your kids, the same way your mother or grandmother did for you, is a gift in strengthening your family bond and creates lasting memories that your child will one day pass on to the next generation. When concocting these creations in the kitchen, talk about the historical roots behind the special dish. Perhaps the reason your great grandmother insisted on making Dutch Apple pie every year is because your family roots are buried in rich Dutch culture! What better way to connect your child’s genealogy than through that very same pie!
    2. Starting a brand new family food tradition
      This is the perfect time of year to connect with your children to decide together as a family what can become your new tradition! Getting your little one involved in the decision of the recipe choice will give them a sense of pride when sharing this dish with other loved ones. Get started by picking out a special dish that is native to your family background, and tie in the holidays by making it a dish that is traditional to the culture during that time of celebration. Work with your children individually and ask them what this special recipe will mean to them.  Now it’s time to connect by sharing the joy of bringing this chosen fare to life!
    3. Modify recipes that fit your family’s needs
      If your family has specific allergies that don’t allow you to make the recipe ingredient for ingredient, not all hope is lost! We are so lucky that we live in a time where there is an absorbent amount of ingredient swaps at our finger tips. Being able to carry on the family recipe tradition has never been easier when needing to swap out a certain ingredient. So don’t abandon the recipe with fear of not being able to carry on the tradition. Just reach for the gluten free flour instead of regular flour and get your kitchen chemistry confections going!