Has COVID-19 brought your family closer together?

Well, I don’t know about you, but my family has grown closer during this quarantine.

Spending time together has been our number one benefit, not to mention stress reduction from not having to be everywhere every day. My kids want to be home with me and I them. And while they do miss their friends, I get to be fun mom, adventure mom, trampoline star mom. We experience more bonding through taking walks, exploring, and just sitting around and talking to each other.

We’ve done activities like yoga, making tasty treats in the kitchen and learning fun new TikTok dances. Let’s not forget about all the money that I’ve been saving by not having to pay for outside activities. My girls have gotten really creative in the house and made rubber glove families and have learned to play with each other in all new ways.

I hope that you are experiencing joy and bliss during this time of being together. And if you haven’t tried it yet, make up a tasty treat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a snack in your kitchen to create lasting memories.