About Tiny Chefs

Who are we?

Tiny Chefs is a recreational cooking program that teaches the joy of kitchen experimentation.

Our kids’ cooking classes are unique and help them become experts in creating amazing meals. We encourage them to unleash their imaginations and curiosity in the kitchen, allowing them to appreciate a wide range of flavors and sensations.

Our programs at Tiny Chefs include birthday parties, kids’ cooking classes, cooking summer camps, and various activities for children of all ages (especially those over three years old).

We prioritize kitchen safety and age-appropriate preparation methods, while also introducing young cooks to different utensils, appliances, and table etiquette.

Our Vision

In Tiny Chefs, we aim to teach kids the fundamentals of cooking, empowering them with lifelong skills. We encourage them to explore new foods, experiment, and enjoy their time in the kitchen.

Mission Statement

To spend time in the kitchen with budding cooks, where they can feel comfortable enough to experiment, learn and collaborate. From the stove to the table, our classes will motivate kids to experiment and enjoy cooking.”

Core values

We believe in building meaningful connections between our young chefs and their mentors. Our core values emphasize the importance of fostering professional growth and culinary education.

  •         Teamwork

Our young chefs actively participate in the program and work in small groups. This allows them to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds.

  •         Independence

We aim to develop essential life skills in kids by promoting independence in the kitchen. They learn to read recipes, do simple math, appreciate diverse cuisines, and form positive connections with others.

  •         Learning

At our young chef academy, we introduce kids to new and nutritious meals, teaching them how to prepare these dishes at home and expanding their food choices.

  •         Experience

At Tiny Chefs, our students benefit from a top-notch educational experience with skilled instructors, chefs, and carefully crafted curriculum.

Our Team in Tiny Chefs

    Anna Zeccolo Reeves


    Anna Zeccolo Reeves is the CEO and founder of Tiny Chefs Inc and Tiny Chefs Franchise, a recreational cooking school for kids in the DC Metro area since 2007. 

    She has a BS in Elementary Education and an MS in Reading and Literature, and has taught children ages 5-13 for over 10 years. 

    Anna combined her passion for teaching and cooking to create the concept of cooking in schools and camps as a turn key program. 

    She is a certified Master Neurolinguistic Programming Coach and hypnotherapist who uses Quantum Time Technique and NLP processes with her clients. She is currently studying for her certification in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) in hypnotherapy.

    Anna is a mother of three girls and resides in Maryland with her family and Shih Tzu.

    Leanne Donlon


    Leanne joined Tiny Chefs in 2021 as the Human Resource Director and Event Coordinator.

    Her roles leverage her background in Human Resources and Early Childhood Education. She finds great joy in planning children’s birthday parties with Tiny Chefs.

    Leanne enjoys cooking with her 3-year-old daughter and looks forward to the day when her younger daughter can join them in the kitchen as a Tiny Chef too!

    Tara Gesling


    Tara became part of the Tiny Chefs team in 2016 as an After School Enrichment Instructor and Camp Instructor.

    Her love for working with children, cooking, and her holistic nutrition background make her a perfect fit. Tara’s passion for Tiny Chefs grew over time, inspiring her to take on the role of sales coordinator and program developer.

    With a degree in Music Theater and an energetic personality, she connects effortlessly with all our chefs.

    Enjoli Goyal


    Enjoli serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Tiny Chefs, overseeing the company’s accounting and financial operations. With a background as a CPA and Tax Director, she brings extensive expertise in accounting, forecasting, reconciliations, and more.

    Enjoli’s journey to Tiny Chefs was sparked by her daughter’s love for cooking, merging her personal and professional passions. Now, both her son and daughter have embraced the kitchen with Tiny Chefs.

    Alyssa Daza


    Alyssa actively manages day-to-day operations for after-school enrichment classes and camps at Tiny Chefs. Her experience in working one-on-one with children to enhance their cognitive health fuels her enthusiasm and passion for the organization.

    Alyssa focuses on improving memory, processing speed, and executive functioning. With degrees in Social Sciences and Psychology, she ensures that every Tiny Chef has an exceptional experience. You can also find her actively teaching and coordinating sites at camps, classes, and parties!