Where are you located?

Tiny Chefs conducts programs (classes, camps, events, parties) all through out the DC Metro area – including Maryland, Northern VA, and Washington DC.

Do you have a facility or a physical location?

No, Tiny Chefs does not have one physical or central location but instead offer programs at various schools, rec centers, churches, and other partner locations. Want us to run a class near you? Contact us about the closest place in your location!

Where are birthday parties held?

In-home! Tiny Chefs instructors bring all the needed party supplies, ingredients, and cooking equipment directly to you!

We will also hold parties at a rented out facility by the parent.

The space should have tables, chairs, a sink, and an oven.

What are the most popular menus for birthday parties?

Check out our Party Theme Packages page for menus.

Do you need a full size kitchen to run after-school enrichment classes?

No! All Tiny Chefs instructors need is a room with tables, chairs, and a sink for hand and dishwashing. We can even bring our portable convection ovens and hot plates to the school.

How do you handle inclement weather?

For after-school enrichment classes, we follow the county where the school is located for any closures. If the school is closed, there is no class and a makeup class will be offered later in the session.

For birthday parties, our Event Coordinator works closely with the party instructors to make sure they are able to arrive safely to the party. If they are not, or the parent wants to postpone the party due to weather, we will always reschedule within 6 months of the original scheduled party.

How do you accommodate allergies?

Tiny Chefs is a nut-free company. We do not use any ingredients that contain peanuts, along with any other tree nut. We DO use (at times) coconut. Depending on the allergy (if other than nuts), we may be able to adjust the recipe to accommodate a child’s allergies in the class or camp, but it is never 100% guaranteed. It is important to discuss your child’s allergies and/or dietary restrictions with us prior to registering for our programs.

How did Tiny Chefs start?

Tiny Chefs founder Anna Reeves started Tiny Chefs while she was a Kindergarten teacher in Bethesda, MD. She started an afterschool program at her school that was so popular she expanded it to other local schools. Families then started asking for birthday parties and camps and Tiny Chefs is now in over 50 local schools each season, conducts hundreds of birthday parties each year, and has over 130 weeks of summer camp each summer!

Tiny Chefs is not at my school, and I think a cooking program would be fun there! How do I bring Tiny Chefs to my child’s school?

Contact your school’s PTA and let them know if you would like to bring Tiny Chefs to your school OR send us their information! We will connect about our current theme offerings, pricing, and session dates to see if our program is a good fit!

Do you have cooking classes for older children?

Yes! Contact us for more information about our Teen Chefs program at info@tinychefs.com.

Do you have classes for adults?

Yes! We host in-home family cooking classes for entire families with up to 6 participants! You select 2 or 3 recipes, and we bring everything needed to the comforts of your home!