10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Cooking Birthday Party!

child at cooking birthday party
Kids have fun at a cooking birthday party!

The time has come for your child’s birthday and they have chosen to have fun with a cooking birthday party. This is every child’s dream event that has inspirations of being the next Rachel Ray, or Bobby Flay, or a contestant on Chopped! Our Tiny Chefs staff has come together and compiled a list to give you the inside scoop on how to have the most successful cooking birthday party. Check out our top 10 tips and tricks to give your child the birthday bash that’s sure to impress!

  1. Set a Date and Time
    Make sure the date of your party does not fall on a holiday weekend. This will give you the best chance at having all your friends attend.
  2. Pick Your Party Settings
    Decide if your party will be in your home or another space. Cooking party companies like Tiny Chefs are flexible and equipped to accommodate your needs whether it’s hosting your special gathering in the comfort of your home or you choose to book/rent a venue with a functional kitchen.
  3. Set a Budget
    Do you want a specialty theme for your party, party favors, etc.? Choose a company that offers party package options, allowing you to tailor your party to create the special vision you have for the event within your budget. If it’s in your budget, party add on’s can make your event extra special and make your job easier.
  4. Select a Menu
    Choose the theme and budget for your party. Specify which recipes, and how many recipes you would like to accomplish in the time frame set for your party. Consider options that will work best for the ages of the party attendees.
  5. Create a Guest List
    Share in the joy of creating the guest list with your child. Not all children share the same interest and passion for cooking as your child does, however, companies like Tiny Chefs make any party fun and inclusive for all cooking levels and skills. After creating your guest list, it is important to check with the parents to determine if any of the children attending have allergies.
  6. Birthday Cake or No Cake
    A cooking party offers the fun and unique opportunity to let the kids make their own dessert. Your child can blow out the candles while the party guests sing Happy Birthday and enjoy their creations.
  7. Preparation Area Cleared
    If you are hosting the party in your home, make sure there is enough room for the chefs to place equipment, supplies, groceries, and workspace for getting creative with recipes.
  8. Parents Pick Up or Stick Around for the Party
    Decide if you want the parents of your child’s friends to stay or drop off their children, and include a message in the invitation specifying if parents are included. Our instructors suggest parents allow their children space to have their own independent experience and get creative in the kitchen!
  9. Have your Camera Ready
    One of the benefits of having someone else run the party for you is that you get to actually enjoy the experience with your birthday child and have the opportunity to grab some great shots!
  10. Prepared to be Amazed
    You will be so impressed when you see how creative your child (and their friends) can be in the kitchen! This experience will set your chefs up with life skills that can be used for a life time!

We can’t wait for you to book your next party with us! Get your creative chef’s cap on and let us do the rest!