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Helping kids build confidence and life skills through virtual and in-person cooking classes

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Make cooking easier and fun for your kids!

Exploring, creating, learning, and, let’s face it, making a mess are all things that kids like doing. Tiny Chefs provides a safe place where they can do it all. Discover more about our cooking-themed parties, events, Summer Camps, and online programs for kids. As they learn new skills, gain experiences and use of safe practices in the kitchen, your kids will gain confidence and self-esteem.

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  • Anytime Virtual Classes

    Take our classes anytime, any place! Our Anytime Virtual Classes are available online, and allows students to follow cooking lessons at their own pace. We cover everything from kitchen safety to useful cooking tips that will help them develop their skills for years to come.

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  • Live Virtual Classes

    When kids learn how to cook, they gain independence in the kitchen, self-confidence, and nutritional understanding. A wide variety of cookery topics are covered in our online courses. Discover how to cook today by perusing our collection of healthy and delicious recipes. Our live virtual classes allow kids to learn valuable skills in a fun, interactive environment.

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  • Parties & Events

    A Tiny Chefs party is one they’ll never forget! Our packages include all of the essentials, and provide fun and engaging cooking lessons for kids of all ages.

    Our all-inclusive events allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment, while giving your child and their friends a party to remember.

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Everyone loves a Tiny Chefs Party!

Tiny Chefs offers “ALL-INCLUSIVE” party packages, where you bring the chefs, and we’ll take care of the rest! Book your Tiny Chefs birthday party today!

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We offer a comprehensive learning experience

Tiny Chefs is more than simply a remote cooking school for kids; it’s the first-of-its-kind cooking institution for kids ages three and above, focusing on giving youngsters a nurturing environment in which they may discover, cultivate, and hone their senses within a safe environment. We are laying the groundwork for a longer, healthier life by making prudent, enjoyable, and educational decisions about what and how much we eat from the start. Help your little chef find confidence in a fun and safe environment!

Tiny Chefs classes are offered at off-site locations, including homes, schools camps and more! Take a look at our online classes, or find an in-person camp near you!

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Offering an unforgettable and holistic cooking experience

Children can learn about chemistry by adjusting the temperature of various materials, geometry by determining the volume of liquids, and reading instructions by following recipes or coming up with creative ways to describe the food they’ve prepared. We are laying the groundwork for a long and happy life by cultivating joy, awareness, and knowledge. Empower your little chefs today!

Summer Camps

Simmer down in the kitchen as we whip up some brand new summer camp meals. We offer a camp for every cook, whether they prefer to bake, make, roast, sauté, fry, or blend. The youngsters all work together in groups of their age, with three distinct age ranges.

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